Leap of Faith


What am I doing here?

So a few weeks ago I put it out in the universe that I was gonna start a blog… Then I tried to hide from it. I came up with every excuse not to do it. I don’t have time. I have nothing interesting to say. Who would read it anyway? I’m not a great writer.

But my friend Cory once said, Just F*cking Start. She was talking to herself, not to me, but the words kept echoing in my head. (Also, go read her blog, she’s SO inspiring and a completely awesome person.) That’s why I’m writing a blog post at 4am. It’s funny because it’s technically not the first post. I wrote the first post earlier tonight then started on my journey to get a site going and actually just started.

That’s the hardest part, right? Once you get going, it’s like riding a bike, but before you know what you’re doing you might crash and burn a few times.

The truth is:

I am imperfect. I let fear hold me back. I second guess myself sometimes. Okay, oftentimes. My husband and I recently went on a trip and had a serious talk about life. About the future. About my five year plan or lack thereof. And I learned, I want to be committed to embracing my journey. I get so focused on the outcome and if I’m doing it right that I freeze. And when I freeze, there is no journey. And the beauty is in the journey. I have a lot to learn, but I’m going to keep learning and growing.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for years. So why not now?

Here goes nothin.

Side note: Sharing the above photo is also a leap of faith. If I’m not smiling, I often don’t share it. Funny how I took that photo before swinging off the edge of a mountain, but it also fits me starting a blog….


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